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We also carry a full line of restaraunt and party supplies. Some of the most popular items that we carry include plates, napkins and utensils as well as guest checks, containers, bags and various cleaning supplies. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us and we may be able to special order it.

Item Number Description Brand Name Pack Size  
96228 TRASH LINER 12-16GAL 24x32 BLACK .5MIL HERITAGE 500CT Order Now!
96227 TRASH LINER 14GAL XHD BRN 15X9X33 CSM 500CT Order Now!
96113 TRASH LINER 20-30GAL 30x37 HERITAGE 500CT Order Now!
96165 TRASH LINER 33 GAL 33X39 CLEAR 1.1MIL HERITAGE 250CT Order Now!
96314 TRASH LINER 33GAL 33x39 BLK .65MIL HERITAGE 250CT Order Now!
96290 TRASH LINER 40/45GAL 40x45 BLACK .9MIL HERITAGE 100CT Order Now!
96220 TRASH LINER 40GAL 40x46 CLEAR 1.5MIL TYCO 100CT Order Now!
96289 TRASH LINER 40x48 BLUE ROLL MX2248 TYCO 150CT Order Now!
96123 TRASH LINER 45GAL 23X17X46 XHVY BRN CSM 100CT Order Now!
96125 TRASH LINER 55GAL 22X16X59 1.75MIL CSM 100CT Order Now!
96222 TRASH LINER 60GAL CLEAR 38X58 .90MIL HERITAGE 100CT Order Now!
96121 TRASH LINER 7GAL BLACK 20X21 TYCO 1000CT Order Now!
96163 TRASH LINER 8-10GAL 24X24 NAT 6MIC HERITAGE 20/50CT Order Now!







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In 1946, Ludwig Fish & Produce began as a small business that was a large provider of fish for local stores and restaurants. Over the years, Ludwig has thrived and grown into a well-established food service business that reaches far beyond the boundaries of the city of La Porte, Indiana.

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