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The History of Ludwig's...

La Porte Warehouse in 1901

Seated From Left To Right:
Ed. Blank, Jonas and C. Blankschein, Otto Gaegle, C. Jonas

Kramer & Sons

Harold Robinson
Owner of Ludwig Fish & Produce
Floyd Dawson
Doris Robinson's Father


In the beginning, the building that now contains Ludwig Fish & Produce was once the Ridgeway Hotel (Lake View Hotel). John Ridgeway built the hotel in 1853. It was designed by J.M. Vanosdel, who was the architect for the 1848 La Porte County Court House. The building was originally constructed as a railway hotel after railroads entered La Porte in 1851-52.

The trains pulled up into the siding beside the hotel. The passengers who were able to afford the cost of room and board got off the trains and stayed at the hotel. The passengers who couldn't afford it remained on the train. There were wash basins on the trains but there weren't any toilets. Because of the lack of lavatories, the hotel had out-door toilets in back.

In 1901, Kramer & Sons moved into the building. From that point the facility was turned from a hotel into a grocery distributor. After Kramer & Sons was no longer in business, another company by the name of Food Crafters moved in. They specialized in dried goods distribution. But it wasn't to long until they went out of business as well.

In 1946, the Robinsons began their business on the 600 block of State Street in La Porte in partnership with Robert Ludwig. Robert's father, R.C. Ludwig, ran fishing tugs on Lake Michigan and supplied the business with fresh fish.

In 1947, the Robinsons bought out the business from the Ludwig family to begin their family-owned wholesale food business. In the early 1950's, they also purchased produce from local farmers. Even though the local farms supplied the Robinsons with fresh produce, much of their food came from Chicago.

In 1970, they relocated into the building that housed so many other businesses of it's time, the Ridgeway Hotel, Kramer & Sons and Food Crafters. In 1990, the Robinsons began renovating the outside of the building to preserve this historic site.

Today, Ludwig Fish & Produce offers a little of everything. We offer bulk quantities of not just fish but of produce, condiments, paper goods and other dietary commodities.

Ludwig Fish & Produce not only distributes bulk products, but also contains a retail sales operation in the front room of the building. The outlet contains items of large proportions, such as canned and bottled goods, party materials and fresh fish. It's the perfect plan for any large gathering.

Ludwig Fish & Produce continues to expand their territories with competitive products and competitive service. Unlike the pre-existing businesses that once lived inside it's walls, Ludwig Fish & Produce is here to stay for many generations to come.

About us

In 1946, Ludwig Fish & Produce began as a small business that was a large provider of fish for local stores and restaurants. Over the years, Ludwig has thrived and grown into a well-established food service business that reaches far beyond the boundaries of the city of La Porte, Indiana.

Lugwig Fish & Produce doesn't only comprise superior products, but also strives toward superior service. Friendly and diversified professionals are standing by to ensure your fullfillment give us a call today!